Monday, 28 January 2013

Installing Musique on Fedora

There's this music player called Musique and it looks very pretty (and macish according to the gf), it has the looks I'd like all my music players to have - artist photos, I mean, c'mon, it's 2013, can we have enough pixels, memory and bandwidth on our desktops and laptops to navigate artists by artist photo! Why can I only do that on my phone?

Anyhow, on Linux they provide the binaries and I've kinda failed to get them to work, probably dependencies, but they listed some kind folk packed it for Open Suse. so I took their src.rpm and and did a few tweaks.
First I fixed the name of the requirement for "qt-devel" as it differed from the Open Suse one.
Second I removed build requires for "update-desktop-files" since it appears to be a Suse thing to do stuff with the desktop, I didn't bother looking for a replacement as I don't want it to add desktop files.

Next I compiled, installed, and it popped up on my Applications -> Sound & Video.

Here is a link for .src.rpm and rpm file in case you want it.

PS: For a while the sound was really bad, but thanks to the author I discovered it was a problem with phonon-backend-vlc, so I added a conflicts with to the spec.

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