Thursday, 14 March 2013

Installing Spotify on Fedora - now with a installation kit

Edit: These instructions are now almost one year old, if you're using Fedora 17 or newer try one of the links for the community packages on the bottom of this post or in the comments section.

Me and coworker compiled instructions to install Spotify on Fedora and packed them in a nice little tar file for everyone to use.
Get the file here:

Instructions (On the README file):
(If you rather not install stuff you got from dropbox, you can still follow these instructions since they have the steps for not using the file I'm linking.)

yum install wget rpmdevtools rpm-build yum-utils cpan

#get stuff from interwebs if you don't have it, skip if using "compile kit"

#install dependencies
spectool -g spotify-client.spec
yum-builddep spotify-client.spec

#compile Alien
git clone Alien.git (or the url for the git repo if you're not using the "compile kit")
cd Alien
sudo make install

#build the rpm
cd ..
cp * ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/. #don't use -r !

env QA_RPATHS=$((0x02|0x08)) rpmbuild -bb spotify-client.spec
sudo yum install [rpm] #at the end of the build the output lists the .rpm file it wrote, copy paste that


On a Fedora 18 64 bits machine these instructions just worked
On Fedora 16 64 bits I had to remake the links for a few of the .so files because it was originally pointing for /usr/lib64
 but locate found them on /lib64



  1. Or you can simply grab a rpm already made: sudo yum install

    Link needed libraries as needed

    1. Bruno,
      I tried every other way i could find online and this way worked for me!