Monday, 9 June 2014

Measuring Response Time With HTTParty

If, while using HTTParty you ever wanted to know the duration of a request you probably resorted to saving the timestamp before the request and comparing it with after the request. I've got tired of this arcane way* and made a gem that adds a #duration to the response object.
Introducing: HTTParty-Timed, it's easy to use, just replace your require 'httparty' with require 'httparty/timed' and tadaaaah you're done! Now your response object has a method which returns the duration in milliseconds.

*Actually I just hid the arcane way deep inside NET::HTTP with a bit of monkey patching, so beware if you're not using "stock" NET::HTTP or HTTParty.
The good news however, is that this does not count with DNS resolve time, which in Ruby's implementation of NET::HTTP is always done (ignores OS's dns cache) on each request, which would add overhead time to your measurements

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